What we Do

Crop Production (Maize, Soybean, Cowpea, Hibiscus, Rosemary and Thyme).
Infinera Agribusiness currently owns over 1000 ha of farmland and manages addition farmland for clients for intensive Food and Energy Crop production. Our Crop Production is characterised by higher levels of input (Manure, Fertilizers, Capital , Labour etc) and Crop output (we achieve higher yields per hectare).
We practise commercial agriculture which rely heavily on industrial methods (agricultural machinery and mechanization),  Technological Innovations (use of technology for detailed analysis of growing conditions, including weather, soil, water, weeds, and pests, as well as data collection and analysis technology) designed to increase yield. Techniques include planting multiple crops per year, using Improved Hybrid Seeds.

Aquaculture (Fish Farming)
Infinera Agribusiness practices Aquaculture and Aquaponics, we focus on farming of Freshwater Fish (Catfish). Fish Farming involves the rearing process to enhance production, such as regular stocking, feeding, protection from predators, etc.

Farm Design, Planning, and Farm Management
Farming is a science and proper farm planning includes farm measurement, division into farm quadrants, soil sample analysis and proper farm fertilization planning and production, creating internal farm roads, water channels, farm contour lines. While Farm Management involves provision of consulting services to farms including farm and plant advisory and farm extension services.
Procurement of appropriate Agrochemicals, Fertilizers and farm equipment.

Land Clearing
Large or Commercial Scale Land Clearing of Sahel or Forest land to prepare for farming activity. We deploy proper land clearing equipment, and practices to ensure the topsoil isn’t damaged. This is done with the use of Mulchers, Caterpillars, Backhoe, Excavator, Chain Saws etc

Land Preparation and Mechanization
Proper Land Preparation includes the deployment of appropriate Farm machinery after farm site inspection and crop peculiarities are taken into consideration.
The Farm Equipment include tractors with appropriate equipment (Plough, Harrow, Boom Sprayer, Reaper, Ridger, Harvester, cultivator, rotovator etc).

Commodity Trading, Export and Supply (Soybean, Cowpea, Hibiscus, Sesame, Ginger, Sheabutter, Cashew )
Infinera Agribusiness engages in the sales and supply of agricultural products; the services involved in moving an agricultural product from the farm to the consumer. These services involve the planning, organizing, directing and handling of agricultural produce in such a way as to satisfy farmers, intermediaries, processors and consumers. Numerous interconnected activities are involved in doing this, such as planning production, growing and harvesting, grading, packing and packaging, transport, storage, agro- and food processing, provision of market information, distribution, advertising and sale.

Procurement of Inputs and Farm Equipment
Procurement of appropriate Agrochemicals (Herbicides, Pesticides, etc), Fertilizers (Chemical Fertilizers, Compost or Manure) and Farm equipment (Tractors, Harvesters, Boom Sprayers, Grain Dryer etc).

Going by our vision, we plan to be amongst the leading agribusinesses in Nigeria by the year 2022. This involves having a strong presence in the whole value chain, from cultivation to processing. We have previously Leased or presently lease or own the following:

  • 941 Hectares of arable land in Manchok, Kaura L.G.A, Kaduna State (owned with Legal title).
  • 13,500 hectares of arable land in Gbako L.G.A, Niger State (under lease 2014-2024).
  • 50 hectares of arable land in Bida, Niger State (owned with Legal title).
  • 300 hectares of land in Panda, Nasarawa State (under lease 2017-2018)
  • 800 hectares of land in Gashish, Plateau State (under lease 2018-2019)
  • 1000 hectares of land in Miango, Plateau State (under lease 2017 to 2019)

We currently Farm and Trade the following Crops:


  • Maize (Corn)
  • Soybean
  • Cowpea
  • Ginger
  • Sesame
  • Sheanuts and Sheabutter